Safari Browser for Android Download Free Latest Version on Android Store

Most web browsers get the job done. They take you to the web sites you request and help you download pages and read articles. Safari on the other hand, set the bar for web browsers higher than ever before. With its simplistic but elegant and sophisticated design, minimal interference, user friendly interface and fast browsing speeds, Safari for Android brought users in to a whole new world of browsing experience.

Safari lived up to its hype when users came to realise that Safari is the fastest web browser available over any other platform. It is completely free, and can be downloaded by any user over any operating system. Security features, privacy and safety have been greatly improved to provide users with the most hassle free browsing experience. Along with a whole lot of additional new features, Safari brings about a whole new world of web browsing experience for its users.

How can you download Safari on Windows?

  • Go to Apple’s official website;
  • Choose the latest version of safari (safari 10), choose your operating system (Windows) and click on the download button
  • Download the file and extract the contents of the zipped installation on another folder, ex: Safari 10 for Windows
  • Drag or copy the Safari icon on your desktop page
  • Click on the safari.exe file and use Safari for Windows!

New Features available on Safari 10 for Windows:

  • New and improved bookmarks sidebar, which allows double click for focus on a folder.
  • History and search history options improved to allow easier access to previous visited websites.
  • Auto fill your information through Safari on forms and documents using your contact card. You do not have to type out all your personal information every time you need to fill an online form as Safari will auto fill them for you.
  • Improved security features do not allow your personal information to be sent outside to other websites without your permission.
  • Reopening of recently closed tabs using + button or Shift-Command-T. Even if you end up accidently closing an important tab, you can quickly recover your website using this easy feature.
  • Pin sites so that you can go back to you favourite pages easily with the simple click of a button. You can also unpin the pages once they are not of use to you anymore and it will be removed from your pinned pages option.
  • The new Mute tab button allows you to instantly mute the audio source without having to search for the page again or find the volume keys.
  • Longer battery life and performance fixes on the new Safari for Windows. The new Safari 10 has been built with energy saving technology, which means less consumption of energy and more access to your favourite web pages.
  • Download Safari for Windows easily by going to apples official website and enjoy the new and improved Safari for Windows.
  • Improved ranking of recently visited websites. You can also swipe though an easy and accessible array of tabs opened by Safari which display your most visited websites. This can store up to 14 web pages which you can easily swipe through to go back to your favourite websites.
  • Debugging using Web Inspector.